5 Winning Event Lead Capture Techniques


in this article, we discuss the value of Event Stand Lead capture and then 5 winning Event Lead Capture Techniques you need to know!  If you are not sure what lead capture is, then we have prepared a great article called ‘What is event lead capture technology?’ Why should you capture leads on your event…

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Event Merchandise Ideas

event merchandise ideas

What is Event Merchandise? If you are not clear, event merchandise is normally the promotional or branded goods associated with your event stand. This would usually be things like branded pens, gym sacks, note pads, memory sticks and other useful takeaway items. In recent years there has been a focus on sustainability, and this is…

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eLearning for event stands UK

eLearning is often considered as a desktop solution for teaching, but eLearning development can provide a host of excellent opportunities for event stands. Choosing the right development partner will determine the project’s success. In this article, we cover 5 ways eLearning can be used on an event stand.   How can eLearning be used for…

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What is gamification?


Gamification is the use of game playing and competition to increase engagement. It is often used within learning environments and presentation spaces, such as exhibitions to increase information absorption and brand recognition. What is event gamification? Event gamification is the use of gameplaying/competition at an event or event stand to promote engagement with the product…

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What is event lead capture technology?

Lead capture technology is designed to capture potential customer data at your exhibition stand.  lead capture technology comes in a variety of different formats.    Name badge scanning  –  one of the best ways to capture leads is name badge scanning of potential customers at your event stand.  traditionally this is completed by writing down…

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