Event Merchandise Ideas

event merchandise ideas

What is Event Merchandise?

If you are not clear, event merchandise is normally the promotional or branded goods associated with your event stand. This would usually be things like branded pens, gym sacks, note pads, memory sticks and other useful takeaway items. In recent years there has been a focus on sustainability, and this is a trend that is here to stay.

Event stands are not always the most sustainable solutions, but you can work with companies like ours that will be able to provide you with a reusable, modular design that can ensure that it is more sustainable. The choice of materials can help here too. If you are interested in a sustainable event stand, click here for more information.


What is effective Event Merchandise?

Effective event merchandise is merchandise that is both cost-efficient and effective. How effective a product is can be judged on the follow-up, brand awareness and its effect on the recipient. We have seen customers use socks for promotion with their brand on, and this got people coming back the following year and talking about the socks on social media around the event and when they revisited the event stand.

5 common and effective Merchandise types.

  1. Woven lanyards - Great for brand visibility.
  2. Memory sticks - Useful beyond your event and often used for years.
  3. Recycled printed cups - Ideal for tea and coffee.
  4. Event Bags - similar to the bag for life, these are used more than ever nowadays.
  5. Pens - Like memory sticks, pens still remain popular at any event and have good visibility


If you are looking for Event Merchandise Ideas

We can help you devise a strategic merchandise solution for your event stand, a suitable design to suit your stand aesthetic.


Contact the team today to find out more about Event Merchandise, it's value and how they can help.