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Are you looking for event marketing? Then consider exhibition designer. We can help you to develop a sophisticated and robust event marketing strategy to support a variety of event marketing approaches for B2C and B2B environments.

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Do you need Event Marketing Services?

Event marketing services are often very different to traditional marketing, but sometimes they can be crossover activities that feed from traditional marketing into your event marketing.

 What is event marketing?

Event marketing traditionally focused on supporting general marketing efforts to communicate details of an event, product or launch, for example.  in 2022 event marketing has evolved in a few different ways, these include event apps which are fantastic at pushing data, notifications and other important information to users.  event apps are often used by exhibition organisers and by brands. They are specifically important for brand launches and internal communications.

 Are event mailers any good?

Event mailers can be very successful when sent to an approved list via a solution such as Mailchimp,  infusion soft, or a traditional HTML 5 email.  the more modern solutions, however, do provide data such as; open rates, click-through rates and general engagement information.  HTML mailers can be tricky to deliver well but offer a great opportunity when you're done to a high standard but also well tested. We provide mailers that are coded and tested on all major browsers and mail clients, the reason for this is to ensure that the data is presented in the most interesting and engaging ways for users on all devices.


 Why is good event marketing important?

It is important because it can warm up potential clients in the lead-up to an event. It can provide an opportunity to pre-book meetings and inform potential customers about your product or service in advance. is important because it can allow potential customers to decide if your product or service is important to them and can help them decide to make the time for you before attending an event.

 Can event mailers sell products?

Event mailers can indeed sell products. They can be a useful and important way to get your product or service in front of a defined list of prospects.  some businesses will choose to advertise their event merchandise in advance of the exhibition and sometimes provides this merchandise at special event prices to encourage sales.  this is seen particularly with clothing and sportswear companies.