Custom Engraved Promotional Products for Events

In the world of exhibitions, custom engraved promotional items for events are some of the most critical promotional goods. In this article we look at ideas for your exhibition and explain why you should consider choosing engraved items for yourself or your customer.


Why are custom engraved promotional items used at events?

Custom engraved products are used at events to promote brands and create a feeling about your company.


Engraved logos, look fantastic and are permeant, which means that dishwashing and day to day use will not fade them, this is important as it means your brand image is maintained for longer.


Elevate your message, using engraved finishes gives a custom feel which leans into quality and starts the right language and conversation.


Engraved products are finished to a high standard, which associates well with your company image.


Metal & Glass promotional items are typically fine to engrave and there are custom engraved promotional product suppliers, who can recommend the right types of promotional goods for your budget.


How to arrange custom engraving for your event goods

Find your chosen custom engraver and discuss options, they may let you choose your own items to brand. However, it is good to follow the following tips to help you get engraved goods.


Engraving Tips

  1. Speak with your chosen supplier and remember they are the expert.
  2. Listen to them and the types of product they recommend for you and the type of branding you would like to achieve.
  3. If you have a specific item in mind, send them a sample to test for engraving.
  4. Test your product, if you have suggested a new item, then it is important to test the quality, use a dishwasher if the item can be used in a dishwasher, or even if you can't it is still worth testing it because others will.
  5. See if there are any recommendations provided by your engraving company about sealing or maintaining the finish.

Consider a brand agency

If you are a company who holds their brand in high regard and looks to protect its image then using a brand agency to help manage your brand image and the importance of the product used. A Branding agency can help you design your look and feel, their specific brand knowledge will ensure that you achieve the very best results for your items. This can be creating a message for the campaign or giving a cleaver twist to the approach, branding agencies will provide insights and suggestions that could otherwise be missed.

Final thoughts

We have looked at some reasons why engraved and branded items for events are so important and how they can be customised to suit your brand image. This is especially important when you are spending thousands on a bespoke exhibition stand design. If you are looking for a custom solution then some of the links on this page will take you to superb suppliers. Enjoy your event and let your customers to. We hope this article has been helpful.