eLearning for event stands UK

eLearning is often considered as a desktop solution for teaching, but eLearning development can provide a host of excellent opportunities for event stands. Choosing the right development partner will determine the project's success. In this article, we cover 5 ways eLearning can be used on an event stand.


How can eLearning be used for event stands?

eLearning is an effective solution for event stands because, at its base level, it is a specific user-driven experience with analytics to provide insights and data, to evaluate and improve knowledge.

5 Ways eLearning can be used on an Event Stand

  1. As an event-driven user experience
  2. As a method of customer data collection
  3. As a product awareness delivery platform
  4. For gamification on an event stand
  5. To improve event stand engagement


As an event-driven user experience

Tell a story through a user journey, and ask questions that create an engaging user experience. Perhaps you provide pharmaceutical products that provide treatments for specific conditions. With eLearning you can answer questions that guide users through a variety of product outcomes or situations when these products may help.


As a method of customer data collection

Validate product information requests and collect data that will help you understand your users and potential market. Why not collect position, distance travelled, level of interest or specific comments for feedback? This valuable data can help you to spend your marketing budget wisely or show you which markets to approach. We also use event stand tracking to help measure engagement.


As a product awareness delivery platform

Have you undergone a brand change, perhaps a merger? Maybe you need to bring some clarity about a product. You can use eLearning solutions to help educate your


For gamification on an event stand

Create a quiz, or a skill-based game, including a leaderboard or an opportunity to win a prize draw. Match symptoms with drugs or engines with Cars. You could build an escape room with clues. Whatever you decide to create with us, our team can support, develop and help you get the best from your budget. If you want to know more about Gamification, read this article.


To improve engagement

Event stands with digital interfaces are much more engaging. They can increase user interest by immeasurable amounts, eye-catching, intriguing and strategic solutions like eLearning can draw users, start a buzz and, provide important perspectives and show your brand in a positive technological, forward-thinking space. If you are looking for event engagement ideas, consider reading this article.


eLearning can be expensive, but a great solution can be used at multiple events and, therefore, the investment required and be justified. An eLearning budget can range from 7000 to 40,000 and everything in between.

eLearning is a fantastic solution that can be delivered on an LMS (Learning Management Solution) This provides analytics, data insights and a host of outputs perfect for stakeholders, investors or boards.

Being clear with your brief and the key deliverables is the key.

If you think that eLearning could be a good solution for your event stand, then please get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We work with eLearning companies like Real Projects Norwich. They can help us to develop your solution and then our team can ensure that the budget is used well and delivered effectively - Using our experience of eLearning to optimise your budget, timeline and outcome.