What is event lead capture technology?

Lead capture technology is designed to capture potential customer data at your exhibition stand.  lead capture technology comes in a variety of different formats. 


Name badge scanning  -  one of the best ways to capture leads is name badge scanning of potential customers at your event stand.  traditionally this is completed by writing down someone's information or collecting business cards.  Collecting business cards often leads to nothing because certain apartments are busy, information gets lost, or the sales team move on to the next event.  this is why the badge scanning to Excel document or a useful database is a significant improvement in being able to qualify leads and in being able to follow them up effectively with a much higher conversion rate.  We can provide you with software that can scan name badges, present clickable data to qualify leads and then present data using a graphical user interface allowing stakeholders to understand and buy into the value of this data.


Contact information for downloads -  similar to websites a unique way to gather leads is to present useful information,  and insightful research, or even a service brochure that potential clients will see value in and provide you with their information to receive or download PDF file.


Gamification -  A buzzword in modern exhibition and events and creation, gamification is the way that exhibition companies can encourage user or event engagement.  commonly gamification is activities such as gameplay, questionnaires, virtual tours and uniquely engaging content that is not accessible by other means -  VR or virtual reality is an example of high-level gamification.


How does lead capture technology work?

Lead capture technology works to create a list of usable data for the marketing department or events team to follow up on.  high quality need capture technology uses software which is underpinned by OCR or optical recognition technology.  This is where photographed content such as business cards or name badges can be immediately recorded as editable data in a list.

Why is lead capture technology important?

Lead capture technology is important because it removes time hurdles and information Passover delays, gives a simple mechanism for follow-up and allows leads to remain warm and be nurtured.  the capture technology improves conversion levels significantly and the value of this will outstrip the costs. Being able to understand what brought a lead to your exhibition stand or when they wish to engage with your business provides you with an important and valuable data stream.

Who uses lead capture technology?

  • Event teams use this technology to provide data and information to the business.
  • Marketing departments evaluate leads and potential business value. This can be extrapolated in a variety of interesting and important ways that demonstrate the value of data and the value to the business.
  • Sales teams take this information and follow up the client. The more information the software can provide gives the sales team and age when speaking to the client/prospect.  the speed at which a sales team can react also increases the effectiveness of the business.  The excitement of an event can soon dissipate as people return to business and dates their activities, so moving fast is incredibly important for the sales in nurturing and developing delete or future business funnel


How can you use lead capture technology?

The three main methods listed above,

  1. Name badge scanning
  2. Contact information for downloads,
  3. Gamification

This data can be used to help businesses understand their business opportunities,  interest in a product launch,  value of exhibition or investment in an event stand.



The value of capturing leads is the fundamental purpose of event stand or exhibition stand design.  It's important to ensure quality leads as these become a foundation of future business and assist the marketing department in communicating product or business vision.  if you are unsure about how to approach the capture of your business, then please get in touch using the contact form of our knowledge page, and our team will be happy to discuss these methods in more detail and provide you with a no-obligation quote for any or all of these methods of lead capture.