Exhibition Stand Design

If you are looking for bespoke exhibition stands then we are here to help you. 

Call 08451 303 404 to speak with one of our experienced team, or find information on this page. 

Bespoke Modular Exhibition Stands

It may sound like a contradiction, but bespoke modular exhibition stands are possible and we supply these to customers that are looking for reusable exhibition stands, those who would like to utilise their budget across multiple events.


5 reasons you might consider a Bespoke Modular Exhibition Stand

  1. To maximise budget
  2. To allow for a custom build to adapt to unknown locations
  3. To provide an ability to change an approach or focus
  4. Keep the team and audience engaged
  5. To ensure that parts can be updated around the main design

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

Depending on the specific needs we do have some modular exhibition stands available for hire, this means that you will only pay for the time you need the stand and perhaps the erection and dismantle time for our team. This can work for some businesses - Anything is possible so please contact the team at Exhibition Designer for more information and details.


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Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

What is a bespoke exhibition stand?

It is a concept and delivers a unique and custom-designed bespoke exhibition stand for a specific customer. It is not something expected or too cookie cutter. Bespoke exhibition stands tend to be more tailored to the client's specific needs.


How can a bespoke exhibition stand help?

Often bespoke event stands are more suited as they can be tailored to the specific requirements of the business.