Exhibition Stand Design

If you are looking for bespoke exhibition stands then we are here to help you. 

Call 08451 303 404 to speak with one of our experienced team, or find information on this page. 

Bespoke Modular Exhibition Stands

It may sound like a contradiction, but bespoke modular exhibition stands are possible and we supply these to customers that are looking for reusable exhibition stands, those who would like to utilise their budget across multiple events.


5 reasons you might consider a Bespoke Modular Exhibition Stand

  1. To maximise budget
  2. To allow for a custom build to adapt to unknown locations
  3. To provide an ability to change an approach or focus
  4. Keep the team and audience engaged
  5. To ensure that parts can be updated around the main design

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

Depending on the specific needs we do have some modular exhibition stands available for hire, this means that you will only pay for the time you need the stand and perhaps the erection and dismantle time for our team. This can work for some businesses - Anything is possible so please contact the team at Exhibition Designer for more information and details.


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Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

An exhibition can be a key opportunity to show off your brand, product or message to tens of thousands of interested people. It’s your chance to build your reputation, enhance your brand and meet face-to-face with potential customers to hear what they have to say. So, it’s always vitally important that you make the most of your exhibition experience. This means it’s not enough to hide in the crowd, in amongst the rows of generic stalls and stands. If you really want to get your message or products noticed, then your stand needs to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

In order to do this, you need a stand that matches your core principles and ideas. A stand that shows you off in the best light. And, most importantly, a stand that can shout above the general noise and bustle of an exhibition or trade show. That’s why you need the help of an experienced exhibition designer – one that can create bespoke exhibition areas that sell your message in an effective and innovative way.

That’s exactly what we do at Exhibition Designer. Our talented team of designers will work with you from the outset, discussing your ideas for live events, trade fairs and more. We’ll listen carefully to your ideas and requirements and will work hard to transform them into a reality. We can also call upon our healthy experience to make suggestions, develop new concepts and create innovative ideas for connecting with your target market.

We can incorporate interactive elements, as well as sound, lighting and visuals. We’ll work hard to match your brand identity, creating designs that appeal to potential customers while staying true to your core message. It’s not all about bright lights and glitzy backdrops – we understand that every organisation has something different to say. Our job is to help you say it in a way that makes sense and captures your imagination in the most suitable way.

Exhibition Stand Designers

We like to stay at the cutting edge of live events and exhibitions, which is why our talented exhibition stand designers are up to date with all the latest technology. We use CAD and 3D imaging to give you detailed views of what your stand will look like before we start the build. You’ll have a chance to take a virtual tour, seeing how your stand will look from all angles. At this stage, if you have any ideas or suggestions, then our team will be able to incorporate them into the design.

From here, it’s over to the construction team and technical experts who will liaise closely with you and the design team. They’ll carry out site visits, making sure everything is in order and in place to let them carry out the build. Using their years of experience, they will flag up any issues and make sure the design can be carried out in full.

Our technical experts will work with any lighting, audio and visual equipment that you need including. And everything will be fully tested so that it runs smoothly on the day. We know that an exhibition can be a stressful time, so the last thing you need are ghosts in the machine causing problems. Our team will be on hand to advise and problem-solve as and when you need them.

Exhibition Stand Design London

Using our exhibition stand design London businesses and organisations have been able to put the best version of themselves forward at major events. We have also worked successfully at events across the UK, helping all types of organisations realise their exhibition dreams. Our eye-catching designs have been the envy of several major events, acting like a magnet to draw people in. If this is what you’re looking for at your next event, then maybe it’s time to get in touch.

We are always more than happy to chat through your ideas, plan events and make suggestions for upcoming shows. And if you have an idea you think will be difficult to turn into a reality, then we’re even more keen to hear from you. Our design and build teams love a challenge and enjoy devising new ways to overcome obstacles. It’s this love of a challenge that has allowed us to develop several new ways of working that have been adopted elsewhere across the business. What works for you, works for us.

Don’t be just another face in the crowd at your next exhibition, and don’t settle for generic, uninspiring design. Work with our designers to create something special that will really communicate who you are and what you do. Take full advantage of your next exhibition or roadshow with a professional exhibition stand design from the Exhibition Designer. We are ready and waiting to hear from you.