What is gamification?


Gamification is the use of game playing and competition to increase engagement. It is often used within learning environments and presentation spaces, such as exhibitions to increase information absorption and brand recognition.

What is event gamification?

Event gamification is the use of gameplaying/competition at an event or event stand to promote engagement with the product or service.

Why is gamification useful?

Gamification It is useful because it promotes enjoyment and makes an event stand more memorable.  The sense of competition within an exhibition environment can be heightened by opposing brands: such as competing pharmaceutical companies or sales teams.

How effective is gamification?

Gamification can improve information retention significantly, and when competition within the custom exhibition booth space is so high, any opportunity to be more memorable, more interactive and seen as more dynamic will improve the effectiveness of the brand message and reach.

What does gamification mean?

Gamification means taking a simple concept and applying a challenge or competitive scoring system and infrastructure behind it. To gain advice something you can take a simple product such as a throwing game or puzzle and include interactive clues, teams or a digital scoreboard to present results.

What Is a gamification technique?

A gamification Technique could be a pharmaceutical brand presenting facts about the product and then asking doctors, nurses and pharmacists, for example, to remember the facts presented and using a scoring system to rank the results. The honour and glory of being on the scoreboard are enough for many, but in some industries offering a brand-new car or a trip abroad can really incentivise the level of game education on an event stand or at an exhibition.

How do you create gamification?

You create gamification by producing a task with some scoring and rules in order to evaluate attendees and give the task some purpose.

What is digital gamification?

Digital Gamification can be a number of things, but principally it is taking a traditional 2-D or 3-D game and creating a digital interface for an environment that can enhance the experience.  in some cases, the development of a scoreboard or interactive social media wall can help promote the product/brand/service.

What is an example of gamification?

An example of gamification is  Completing a puzzle in the fastest time.


What is a gamification idea?

Education works well for gamification,  so quizzes, memory games and puzzles are great places to start!  in the past we have taken traditional tile games/puzzles added a timer and the leaderboard and created a digital environment on a touchscreen device allowing exhibition stand as it is to compete against each other and to share  honour of being in the top 10 position.