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What is gamification?

By Exhibition Designer Admin | 14 August 2022

Gamification is the use of game playing and competition to increase engagement. It is often used within learning environments and presentation spaces, such as exhibitions to increase information absorption and…

What is a modular exhibition stand?

By Exhibition Designer Admin | 5 August 2022

A modular exhibition stand is normally an exhibition stand which is prebuilt using a defined framework. This allows you to develop and change the stand (within reason) very much like…


What makes a good trade stand?

By Exhibition Designer Admin | 5 August 2022

It’s a big question! What makes a good trade stand? In our blog, we write a lot about tips and tricks that you can use to really engage your particular…

Sustainable Event Stands

By Exhibition Designer Admin | 4 August 2022

What are sustainable events stands? Sustainable event stands are stands that have been constructed using sustainable materials. They are also stands that have been designed to be reused or repurposed…


What is virtual exhibition stand design

By Exhibition Designer Admin | 1 August 2022

Virtual exhibition design is the creation of a digital exhibition stand. Usually, this is a 3D stand using a 3-dimensional solution or, in other cases, a digital space that provides…


How to design a custom exhibition stand

By Exhibition Designer Admin | 1 August 2022

When designing a custom exhibition stand, we believe there are five key aspects to consider, in this blog post will discuss how to design a custom exhibition stand at the…

What is event lead capture technology?

By Exhibition Designer Admin | 14 January 2022

Lead capture technology is designed to capture potential customer data at your exhibition stand.  lead capture technology comes in a variety of different formats.    Name badge scanning  –  one…

Bespoke exhibition stands

We manufacture our bespoke exhibition stands on-site in Norfolk in our workshops. Controlling manufacturing at every stage is how we've grown our reputation. 

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Event engagement solutions

Our events team will manage your project with you to provide the most engaging solutions for your exhibition stand. From simple QR codes that record downloads to touch screen TVs that allow users to browse products, surveys or more elaborate interactive exhibition stands. 


Custom Exhibition Design

Online Marketing takes a variety of forms in 2022, let us help you dominate your marketplace and see real returns.

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Event Engagement

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Having your custom event stand is not enough! How can you effectively market your business and services?

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