How to design a custom exhibition stand

When designing a custom exhibition stand, we believe there are five key aspects to consider, in this blog post will discuss how to design a custom exhibition stand at the most important things to consider. Remember you only need to call or  email to consult with our team. 08451 303404 (Low call rate)  OR 07975607069


 One -  What is the custom exhibition stand for?

Although this seems like a  simple and perhaps obvious question, it's important to establish and keep referring back to the principal goals of your exhibition stand. Is this for B2B or B2C? Is it a brand or product launch?  Below is a selection of important questions we recommend that you ask during your custom exhibition stand design process.

  • Are you presenting the product or service?
  • Is it a brand launch?
  • Is it an internal or external exhibition?
  •  How big is the space for the stand?
  •  Will your exhibition stand require power?
  •  If it is not single-use, how do you store the stand afterwards?


Two -  What makes your exhibition stand different?

If what is the custom exhibition stand for was an important question in the follow-on, what makes your exhibition stand different is equally as important.  How do you make your custom exhibition stand, stand out?  What makes it different, how can you make it different, walk all things can you? Exhibition Designer will help you to develop a custom exhibition stand that is unique, functional and can be adapted for additional usage.  making your stand different in certainly be the job of event engagement -  check out this page to read more about how you can make your exhibition stand more engaging.


 Three -  What data are you expecting to gather from your stand?

Once you have made decisions on how your stand will be used, what it is for and what makes it different, then it's time to consider what data you expect them to gather from your event stand.  this data can be manually filled out forms,  digital questionnaires,   badge scanners or heat maps of how users moved around and interacted with key points of your bespoke exhibition stand.


 Four -  Who will be present on your events Stand?

Often overlooked and sometimes quite fluid, confirming who will be present on your stand for an exhibition is important. It's important because the design of your event stand can consider key areas and the best ways for your team to engage with prospective customers and your event tech.  if your CEO or senior marketing manager is going to be present for the event, then the exhibition designer can consider where on the exhibition stand your most important and influential individuals can stand for maximum visibility.


 Five - Do you intend to reuse your exhibition stand?

Why is it important to make it clear if you intend to reuse your event stand?  it's important because the exhibition designer can consider this when constructing and designing your event stand.  the design can be created in a modular fashion and material choice will be reflected in this decision.  so materials lend themselves to one-time or occasional use, whereas other materials can be reused multiple times and are more hard-wearing. Knowing that the event stand will be reused allows the designer to create a product for you that is suitable for multiple use and storage.



There are many important considerations when designing a custom exhibition stand. We have highlighted just a few of the most important ones to help guide you during the decision-making process for your bespoke exhibition stand.  As shown above, there are many additional questions within these five main headings to consider. It's important to flesh out a design concept, followed by material considerations and your principal goals for the exhibition stand -  All of these aspects will contribute to a successful outcome for your event.  we hope that you found this blog post is for is a quickfire reference. However,  we would love to speak you to discuss your needs, so please use the opportunity to get in touch, we will be happy to quote and discuss your very specific needs and help you maximise your budget.