What is a modular exhibition stand?

A modular exhibition stand is normally an exhibition stand which is prebuilt using a defined framework. This allows you to develop and change the stand (within reason) very much like Lego bricks. Using a modular exhibition stand has its benefits for some businesses; usually, modular exhibition stands are associated with smaller companies that need to do more with a smaller budget. Modular exhibition stands do provide excellent flexibility for an unknown venue, scaling up and scaling down as required.

Modular exhibition stand builders

Exhibition Designer, we can support modular exhibition stands, and we are modular exhibition stand builders. we use our own modular systems alongside an aluminium framework called T3, and this allows us to provide ultimate flexibility and modular solutions. For our larger clients, we sometimes build extensive exhibition stands that permit changes for the following season, meaning budgets can be stretched, adjusted and nurtured with appropriate foresight to give our clients the very best outcome for their investment.

Modular exhibition stand system

A modular exhibition stand system refers to the framework that allows modular expansion for adjustment of your event stand to support a variety of exhibition scenarios. Using a modular exhibition stand system means that certainly, for smaller exhibition stands, you may be more versatile and adaptable to a variety of venue types. Modular exhibition stands systems are primarily used for this type of unpredictable environment, normally on a smaller scale. Often Modular systems are used for pop-up exhibitions for example, in shopping centres, schools, offices and sometimes within and businesses themselves.

When would you best use a modular exhibition stand?

As peers, the mentioned modular exhibition stand is ideal when space or budget tight. The flexibility afforded by a modular solution can provide an ideal solution for pop-up exhibition-style solutions. This is where an unknown environment can be decorated to the best of its ability. An example of this type of pop-up exhibition is in recruitment, army recruitment, job recruitment, healthcare recruitment and sometimes to communicate internal change such the rebrand.

You could use a modular exhibition stand if you were managing a sensible budget but then wished to spend more on Event Merchandise to carry the new brand through the company or across the market.


Modular exhibition stand storage

We do have storage available for modular or reusable event stands in our Norfolk factories. if you would like to consider a modular event stand but are concerned about storage, we can help. 

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