Event Merchandise by Exhibition Designer

We will help you with event merchandise, everything from pens and lanyards to sustainable drinks containers. Bags, tags and a whole bunch of fantastic ideas to help your brand message. 

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Do you want unique Event Marchandise?

With direct manufacturing links, we can provide event merchandise without the middle man, so you get keen prices for your event merchandise that are keen of fantastic quality.

Event merchandise often includes popular products like Event T-Shirts, Lanyards, Pens, USB Drives and sustainable drinks bottles, for example.

Why is Event Merchandise important?

Event Merchandise is important because it provides brand affinity and advertising beyond the event. Great gifts leave a positive feeling about your business or product. If they are useful, then the attendee may continue to use the promotional item for weeks, months or even years after. Although your product or service might not be right for them right now, at some point, it may become an ideal time, and your company may remain front and centre.

Who uses Event Merchandise?

Exhibition booth managers and marketing departments are big supporters of event merchandise because it allows them to expand their brand reach and engage with potential audiences.  A good experience with brand merchandise can lead to a later sale. If the sale is valuable, the cost of merchandise becomes insignificant.

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Event Merchandising FAQs

Here are some really great frequently asked questions about Graphic Design, they might help answer some of your own questions.

What are some examples of merchandise?

Examples of merchandise are lanyards, USB drives, cups, branded mugs, hats, stickers, bottles and branded pads.

What is the meaning of merchandising in marketing?

The meaning of merchandising in Marketing is the practice of displaying and selling products to customers. Retailers use merchandising to influence customer intent and encourage demand. Merchandising is the strategic delivery of products in retail or digital environments to enhance sales and encourage brand affinity. It is an important component of product marketing.

What Is considered merchandise?

Merchandise is traditionally products carrying a brand for the company or business. Common examples of this are t-shirts, hats, caps and mugs. Many events use lanyards, USB devices and more recently reusable cups and bottles to better influence environmental impacts.

How do you sell merchandise at an event?

To sell your merchandise at an event you much remember to stock sufficient stock levels and the job of the merchandiser is to anticipate the stock splits to help optimise sales and minimise the financial exposure of the business. If you are a cash business then you should consider a float (an amount of money to help provide change) or be prepared to accept card payments via a terminal.